Thursday, May 5, 2016

In-town wildlife

Hello, everyone.

I recently had occasion to do some walking in my town and passed by the city golf course. There was an egret on the grass near the water hazard.

View of egret from across the (busy) road
Other wildlife we have seen in this area, or in the city: yellow-crowned parrots and green parrokeets (not budgies) are known to live around here. On certain streets, they pose on the electric lines around 9 a.m. on Sundays. White pelicans are known to visit the water hazards of this golf course. Also whistling tree ducks live and breed in the area.

Tree ducks leading their brood to the drainage ditch. (They crossed our whole front yard!)
Roadrunners are not as common in town as out in the country, but they are around.
Roadrunner, using the patio crisscross as a lookout point!
And, of course, the usual jackrabbits, geckoes, and the occasional snake. Plus cardinals, mockingbirds, curve-billed thrashers, grackles, etc. etc.

In the (hopefully) near future, there will be a post about the Mission Hike and Bike Trail. We walked a lot on it while training for the Camino in 2014. One day we were there around 7 in the morning, and we saw a small herd of javelinas.