Monday, March 28, 2016

It might be ADD?

Hello, everyone.

There are multiple things going on around my "studio" these days.

There is the fitful beading based on making a necklace out of an orange glass catseye and a mix of turquoise/green/assorted beads. The catseye has been captured into a peyote setting and a small peyote strap has been added to the back. The idea is currently to have a group of strands that meet in that little strap, but have assorted accent bits between the turquoise seed beads. That's the relaxation from the other two projects.

The second project, actually been on the stove a little longer than any of the others, is a sort of feasibility exploration of a pair of matched book covers. The books don't actually match in their dimensions, but they're a set, so the possible covers should at least closely resemble each other, right?
That one is at the stage of making stitch samples to explore the way the threads, and maybe beads, behave on linen. (I already know how beads behave on several other fabric types. But maybe there should be exploration of cotton stranded floss on those other types too.) The latest stitch exploration looks like this:

The cream part is satin stitches.
The bottom half of the Rho is horizontal stitches. I'm less than enthused about that part. The top part has the satin stitches at an angle and it looks better. I also got all excited and tried out some beads along the edge of the satin stitches. These are almost all #11 sead beads in various colors of glass. No silver linings, as the silver has been known to tarnish.

And then there are the quilts. There is the Pink Explosion that was planned out and pinned and labeled but not stitched together. (I had intended that to be finished over summer.) And there is now a baby quilt in grays and pinks. That is in the fabric exploration and pattern testing phase. (I have given up on the way-cute pieced whale from the Better Homes and Gardens book _501 Quilt Blocks_ as it's been a nightmare to get all the little angled bits to go together and be the correct size. In either the 4" size in the book or a supposedly easier 8" size!)

Fabric color play. These are a mix of a few new pieces and an assortment of older pieces. With any luck, in the next several days something will sort itself out and a plan will form!