Wednesday, January 21, 2015

If you don't like the weather now, just wait a few minutes

Hello, everyone.

We got busy and didn't walk the last couple of days--my sweetie was getting exercise with the pruning saw instead. ;-) Plus, since he was pruning the brasil trees, he was getting stuck a lot.

This afternoon, about 5:30 pm, the temperature was about 70F and the sky looked like this:
Western sky in late afternoon today
Then, about 8:45 pm, it poured rain for five minutes! Not that I'm complaining. We are inside, after all, and even if we were out in it, there is no lightning. And it's not cold out yet. (That is supposed to build in tomorrow.)

Regarding other projects--
Peanut quilt is being pinned now--it has a wide border and a narrow one, which unify the bright colors and will, I hope, put a spark into the color when the blanket binding is added at the end.

The various peyote stitch bracelet items are sitting at the moment, too much else going on, and the collection of St. James prayer chaplets got little bags and insert cards with how to pray them, so they're ready to give away.

And I've been chewing on how to approach the whole business of the Risen Christ picture, the one I posted about a month or two back. It feels to me like it needs to be bead embroidery, not bead weaving, and so I'm wandering along doing things and thinking about whether the ivory silk piece in my closet (leftover doupioni from DD1's wedding dress) is the right background for it or not, or maybe instead a piece of black fabric? I've come to the conclusion that the painting I want to copy is kinda sorta what Mary Magdalene saw in the dimmest of dawn light on Easter morning: His eyes are bleary, His skin is pretty much bloodless, and "the morning after" a bad night is painted all over that canvas. I can almost hear Him saying "noli me tangere"--"don't touch me."

Other than that, I've been trying to get organized to make a pot of Zuppa Toscana--forgot to get the bacon yesterday at the store and had to go back today. And at the last minute today, when I was revving up to start cutting things up, we decided to go for take-out pizza instead. It will be colder tomorrow. Better weather for soup!