Sunday, November 13, 2016

Baby Quilt: some issues

Hello, everyone.

As I mentioned in the last post, the quilt is having some growing pains.

The other caption for this photo is "how did that happen?"

The answer turned out to be really very basic: consistency. Accuracy. Pulling stitches was needed.
Part of the problem.
The seams in the Blue and Gold/Thrift/Cross block were not done to the same width of seam allowance as some other seams. They "ate up" too much of the face fabric. I took the section containing this block and the blue-plus-stars one above it out and slimmed down seam allowances and made sure they were straight. Then used a different piece of sashing to connect the now-wider pieces together.
Correcting this took care of the warped appearance of the area. There were still some other things to fix, though.
The vertical sashing piece got its seam allowances slimmed down a little, too. (I'm talking a tiny amount for each seam here.) And careful pressing set the new seam lines in place.

The ends were still uneven--and considering the top row and the one between this row and that one gave the answer. There were two seams that needed to have their seams moved 1/4" toward the body of the block. It is useful to have some places on a quilt layout that for ajdustments, let us say.

The rows are all connected now and their ends are even.

Sometimes it is necessary to go back and pull stitches. Sometimes it is even necessary to go back a couple of steps and pull stitches and redo. But it is worth it.