Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beading progress

Hello, everyone.

As y'all may remember, I started exploring freeform peyote the other day. The bracelet as was didn't seem complete, so more has been added.

Front side of bracelet

Back side of bracelet
As y'all can see, the basic color scheme is still in force.  Aside from the addition of some purple-lined pale blue seed beads, that is, and some clear seeds and some blue-green ones that looked more blue when they were first added.
The yellow focal was put in with the very first strand of beads, and when the hole got too full of thread (smoke colored Fireline) to run through it again a bridge was added underneath and every time along the side it gets another row of basic, plain peyote stitches. Other bridges have been added to hold the various off-center accent beads. The weaving is inclined to ruffle a bit and this may be a tendency to encourage. (The ruffling is caused by both the bridges going around the outside of accent beads and by the use of different sizes of seed beads in the weave.)
At any rate, that's the progress on this piece so far.