Sunday, February 21, 2016

A little springtime crafting

Hello, everyone.

Yesterday the plan was to post pictures of the fabric hens--well, today I found the pictures of one of them.

The first fabric hen
 These little gizmos were on Pinterest. "Easy" the comment said. And they are! No triangles, no bias sewing, and if one were inclined one could finish easily by hand instead of machine. the comb and tail are formed by folding.
I got inspired to try decorating one with embroidery.
 This was so easy that several more color versions were getting ready to hatch. Ahem. The second one was cut from some linen pants fabric--it was just so boring that the embroidery needle came out. After finishing, though, the dread question arose: what on earth would I do with a whole flock of these things? By stopping at two, it's a reasonable gift for a grandchild. So I stopped after the second one. For now.
Springtime in the Rio Grande Valley, and the yucca blossoms are coming out.
The first of the yucca spikes is showing and the second one is visibly on the way.