Saturday, January 9, 2016

Camino memories: Valdeiglesias

Hello, everyone.

In 2014, we stayed in the newer albergue in Valdeiglesias.

Y'all might remember this patio picture.
 We met a wonderfully friendly pair of hikers from Belgium there. They told us about their village in Belgium, called LaChouffe. The village has a brewery.

This past weekend, in Spec's wine shop in San Antonio (mmm, Rioja!) we found a bottle of the beer from LaChouffe. The hat worn by the little elf in the label picture is the regional hat of the village. He's wearing wooden shoes, too, so one supposes that the land around LaChouffe is rather damp. I'd love to visit the village some day.

We haven't opened it yet. It's a huge bottle and one wants to be able to do it justice.