Monday, October 26, 2015

Table Topper--Now I understand why they're so popular

Hello, everyone.

Being mostly at home and inside this past weekend, because of the rain quantities, a little quilting seemed to be the plan. The post at Spider Web Table Topper was interesting, but of course I thought I knew better how to go about things. So I was inspired but did my own thing. It was certainly challenging that way!

Instead of just cutting triangles out of a block of same-sized strips and assembling the whole, I started with a hexie and added wedges. And got all full of myself and used different-width strips to boot!  It was a learning experience, but it came out okay in the end. The colors are fall-seasonal, of course.

I didn't realize, while picking out fabrics, that the large-print you see at the outside edge of three wedges was going to insist on being the star of the show. The red binding is probably what tied it all together in the end, since there is a little red in the hexie as well as in the other Look At Me print. Quilting was a simple spiral in purple thread, which also helps to tie it together colorwise. (There's a purple ribbon all over in that one print.)

And I understand why people like making table toppers now: they go together fast and allow you to test out ideas and color combinations without doing a huge project that takes over the house and your life. It also allowed me to use up some more stash!