Friday, September 25, 2015

One foot in front of the other

Hello, everyone.

On June 16 we passed on to Agueda, if memory serves, and met Mr. Simoes while walking through the town. Y'all may remember me mentioning his kindness on a post while we were on the road. He makes aged brandy.
Studying the guidebook before crossing a highway

Lovely tile art on a house

Local tourism council promotion of water wheels or windmills

Wine or Port production facility (out in the country)

Pretty old house on the street
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Path into the next town.
Plums on a tree on the patio--juicy but not tart.
Pilgrim laundry facility. After this, you hang the things on a line and hope it doesn't rain!
This was a private albergue/pensao at the outgoing city limits of Agueda. It has private rooms and also dorm facilities. The patio was lovely.

We walked a quarter mile back along the road to the grocery store and picked up some eggs and bread and such and had boiled eggs and bread and wine (and maybe some olives?) for dinner.