Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crafty stuff

Hello, everyone.

I see that my last post shows what happens when the little electronic hamsters don't keep up with the clicks, and I don't realize that things are still in process so I try to put them in again. Ah, well.

There's a new item in DH's orchid collection:

These guys do really well hung from the branches of the lemon tree by the back door. It's shaded, but not super-dark, and it's easy for me to sprinkle water into the center of the plant. (Plants that naturally grow in trees have very different watering needs from plants that naturally grow on the ground. I sprinkle the center of the plant almost every day, and from time to time DH will feed them.)

The dress for R is coming along:

Dress pieces pinned for cutting out

An embroidered slip to use for an ornament, in progress (beads from stash on hand, yay!)