Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An undiscovered gem

Hello, everyone.

This morning, after a determined (not very successful) attempt to sleep in, we walked the mile or so over to the Museo Archeologico Nacional. (Think about a quarter mile from the Prado.) This hasn't got the fame of the others, and the tickets were a real bargain, but it was a really great museum. We learned more than we thought there could be about Spanish history. As the introduction display says, the entire peninsula is an archeological site. They're constantly finding remnants of prior cultures when they put a shovel in g he ground to do just about anything. Some is even pre-neanderthal, it's so old.

On the way back, after being immersed in the museum for about 6 hours, we stopped in to the Museo Thysen-Bornemyssa. (Spelling not guaranteed!) We discovered that the painting I like so much isn't in the Prado collection after all, it's in the Thyssen. So my sweetie took me by the Thyssen gift shop-no joy- and then we ordered from the POD kiosk at the museum.

Later on we went out for food and I found that rabbit in gravy is really good.

I thought the reflections on this staircase were neat.

We saw some cool buildings after the sun finally set.