Monday, June 15, 2015

Mealhada and a short day

Hello, everyone.

Today we are in a lovely alberge in Mealhada. It's the budget side of Residenciao Celeste and the patio is supplied with tables and chairs and fruit trees and a nearby kitchen full of wine glasses. And yesterday we picked up a bottle of wine, and some sardines to go with our cracker pack. (The crackers we didn't eat with sardine spread in the forest yesterday, that is!)

Perhaps you wonder why so much sardine type food. The reason is that it is full of protein and fat for energy and some salt for electrolyte replacement. It is also easy to find in Portugal.

And for today's picture, a look at low tech pilgrim's laundry:

I used my bottle of All liquid. It rinsed easily.

This is the decorative end of a suckling pig.

A   welcoming thing happened today, to. We were walking into Mealhada, near the end of our 18 km, and a gentleman named Mr. Simoes hailed us from the driveway of his Port production building. He showed us his barrels (He ages the port for years) and gave us apples and bottles of cold drinking water. A true friend of the pilgrims! Thank you Mr. Simoes!

A glass of wine and a bowl of fruit just arrived at my elbow . Thanks, DH! I do believe I'm through typing for today.