Sunday, June 7, 2015

Darn it's hot

Hello, everyone.
We left Vila Franca de Xira at 0630 this morning. The air was refreshing, not "fresh" but nice. Morning clouds. That was great while it lasted--until 0900 or so. After that it was just hot. Even the tiny breeze was not much help. Felt like walking at home in South Texas! It's been dry here and we see cracks in the dirt.
We hauled in to Azambuja around 1330--aka 1:30 PM. It was around 32C. Roughly 90F.
Mass was at 5pm because of the big fiestas for Corpus Christi. So we got to go to Mass! We didn't actually see the big fandango, it's apparently at the bullring at the edge of town and we're sore from yesterday and just want to rest.
DH bought a $3 bottle of wine, a liter of tomato juice, and some Pringles at the Aldi on the road into town. Big Spender award! ;-)