Sunday, March 22, 2015

Walking at Hike and Bike

Hello, everyone.

Today after Mass we went for a little walk at the Hike n Bike: about 6 miles round trip, in about 2 hours.

We saw: 6 roadrunners, 3 green jays, a couple tree ducks sitting in the grass and looking at us, and an anhinga (type of wild cormorant) on the water. Also plenty of snails.

The little dark thing on the trail up ahead is a roadrunner. We saw a lot of them, and some of them we saw twice.

Flower report: Prickly poppies in white, orange, and yellow--mostly yellow. Primroses in both the whtie/pink variety and a yellow variety that wasn't growing in clumps. Sand verbenas in two colors and also vervains. Huisache tree blossoms--golden-orange little balls that smell very sweet. A mamillaria cactus with flower buds--actually there were two. These tend to grow in clumps but were growing solo here.

While you can't tell from these pictures, the Hike n Bike was fairly busy. Lots of families and pairs bike riding, and a number of solo runners. One fellow was bike riding with his little dog in a basket on the handlebars.