Sunday, March 8, 2015

The season is turning

Hello, everyone.

As we all know, this winter was late. For folks living in the northern half of the US, it's been a snowy, blizzardy sort of winter. I shudder to think of what the spring flood season will be like for people living near the Missouri and Ohio and Missippi rivers.

Be that as it may, down here in south Texas the season changing means the end of cool-season gardening is coming up on us.

My arugula plants all flowered while I was on baby duty. Likewise the gai-lan (mini broccoli) plants. I look out now and see great big fat rows of creamy blossoms and white blossoms. The Portuguese kale hasn't bloomed--yet--but it's pretty bit and it's been trying to head up like a cabbage. Note that I said "trying."
Kale leaves being cored. This stack turned into 2 quarts of frozen leaf pieces.

In the center, a good look at the "heads" the kale was making.
I'm not sure what to do with most of it--I have the one sausage and kale soup recipe, but not much else. I might blanch the trimmed leaves and wrap them around balls of sausage and rice. (the redneck equivalent of grape leaves?)

The plants are still in the garden, with their tops cut off, and they might make some more leaves for me.Perhaps I should get more serious about freezing produce.