Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello, everyone.

As y'all will remember, when we came back from the Camino last summer, I was all charged up and full of creative energy. I tried making pieced scallop shells for quilts. (Middling results on that one.) I printed out some graph paper of different bead weaves and set to designing various designs. And then set to beading them. After a while, there were a pile of little rectangles with designs related to the Camino, and I didn't know what to do with them. The first bracelet didn't work out. It was taken apart and various parts have now been reused--planned for reuse.

The second scallop will be added to the other side of the cross and then weaving or strands will go to the catch.

The 15 count rocaille beads Cross of Santiago, now in a bracelet that works. The pearls are in brick stitch.
The blue and yellow arrow (framed in white) is yet to find its home. Perhaps the answer there is to make some blue and yellow scallop shells to go around it.

Maybe Christmas ornaments needs to be explored as a home for the small bead rectangles? They're about 1 inch square.

The purse ornament came out really well, and its picture is also now up at Fire Mountain Gems' pages of customer project photos.