Thursday, November 6, 2014

New developments on the Cross of Santiago bead project

Hello, everyone.

I promised that there would be news on the Cross of Santiago bead project--since the last word was "starting over from the beginning."

I did redo the piece. There was an unfortunate excess set of rows that had to be removed just under the cross piece of the cross. That was fixed.
The start of the redoing is sitting in the white-beads dish on the right.

Now the cross bars have been done. You will notice that embellishing color bits are included.

Cross of Santiago, done. The color accents are dark rose and gold.
My plan for this is to use it as a centerpiece of a necklace, using various Preciosa beads I have on hand, and since there is a lot of stash bead stuff in the craft room, there will be some coordinating earrings, too.

Onward and upward with the next project, after this! (The next thing being to sew up some clothes from the mountain of fashion fabrics on hand, and to make a baby quilt for the expected grandchild. Possibly using either a sailing motif or some UT burnt orange--somehow.)