Thursday, September 25, 2014

Update on wall decorations

Hello, everyone.

I did some more looking around after my last post, and found this: a poster of the old-time route from St. Jean to Santiago de Compostela. It's mostly the route we walked, so it will be perfect on the wall between our Compostela certificates.

You didn't think we'd neglect to frame those, after all that walking, did you?

This morning I worked on a new sewing project--took a break from the quilt squares--this one is a case for my pastry board. I knew the 2-D measurements of the board, and guessed how much to add for thickness. Oops. Not big enough. I will now add a gusset to the sides of the 19x25 inch silver taffeta bag. Maybe I will put carry straps on it, too, as long as I'm messing around with it and have to remove the side seams anyway.

A picture for today: it's been so very, very dry for so long in south Texas, and now the fall rains have returned. (Last year they were a no-show.) A fruit of the returned rains:
The big mound of Duranta shrub, formerly a lot of mostly-bare sticks, is now covered in blossoms. And new leaves!
(Updated to add the link to the map poster)