Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spanish food

Hello, everyone.

It always seems like one of the big highlights of a trip is trying out new foods. The ones I like, I try to figure out how to make.

On our Camino, we tried a lot of Spanish wines. The tempranillos (a red grape variety) were good. I also enjoyed the Spanish albarinos and verdejos. (Apologies for not putting the curly-cue enye character in there. I have no idea if it can be done in Blogger.) These latter two are white wines.

Generally our day schedule, once we figured out what we were doing, was to crawl out of bed really early and walk for an hour or two. The first bar or restaurant that was open got our business: cafe leche (hot milk, whipped, with strong coffee in about equal proportions) and bocadillo. Later on we'd have more coffee. And when we stopped for the day, we'd find ourselves having a glass of wine and tapas.

We heard a lot about Menu del Peregrino and Menu del Dia before we went, and we tried a number of them. We finally concluded that it was just too much food at one time for us. Sometimes we remembered to take pictures of the food.

Pretty chocolate cake in Burgos

Galician-style cheese, Serrano ham slices, and bread. The cheese is very creamy.

Torta de Santiago (tastes a lot like marzipan,because it's made mostly with almonds and sugar)

Fresh sardines, grilled and salted, were wonderful with slices of bread and a glass of white wine

The breakfast at Ages albergue (shown before)--this was a huge one, but otherwise it was typical for a Spanish breakfast