Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's been a cookin' mornin' today

Hello, everyone.

I have been busy in the kitchen today--first, because I needed to take four dozen cookies to the funeral home for a parishioner's wake, and second, because I was almost completely out of yogurt. I took pictures of the cookie making, so that's what I'll write about today. (Maybe another day I'll do yogurt. Or not--there are a lot of sets of directions for good yogurt online.)

Last night I was muddling around and thinking about what kind of cookies to make, and found this recipe:
An oatmeal cookie recipe that promises to turn out 4 dozen. Well, either 3 or 5 dozen depending on the scoop size. Good enough! This is my King Arthur Flour baking book.
Then I rounded up the oatmeal canister, the raisin box, a can of honey-nuts, and semi-sweet chocolate chips from the cupboard. This morning I added to the collection 2 sticks of butter, the eggs (guinea eggs this time), flour and so on and so forth.

The dough bowl looked like this:
I took this photo after I'd already filled one cookie sheet full of cookies. I used an iced-tea spoon to drop the dough onto the cookie sheets.
The spacing used, and the results from that spacing:

I wish I'd been more careful with dough placement. These particular cookies were fine, but I got a number of the later ones too close together. They came out of the oven fused on one or more edges. I had to cut them apart with the spatula to get them onto the rack for cooling. Oatmeal drop cookies need to be separated by at least 2 inches. Even when they're small cookies.

And the packaged cookies, ready to go:
You can see that I recycle my containers!