Thursday, May 8, 2014

We're getting all excited!

Not much longer now!

Today, we did a brisk 3 miles--over to the park with ducklings (two clutches) and around it, then home again.

Yesterday we slept late and were discouraged by the high humidity, so we didn't walk at all. Not good.

On the good side, we've been looking over our packs and we have about all we need...possibly a little too much even. I'm considering pulling a shirt or two out of the pack and putting it back into the closet. After all, there is the Kindle and the camera and the toothbrush...

And from our stash of photos on hand, just for pretty:
A pretty cloud--July 2013

And a trip item:

A wet bag I made to take along--in case we have wet socks we need to store until we stop for the day.