Monday, April 24, 2017

This n that: pictures

Hello, everyone.

I've been coasting on Easter and doing honey-dos around the house.

A couple of pictures from before Easter:

The day we got out late to walk, because it looked like rain, and discovered that the wildlife had stayed in bed too. (At the Hike n Bike it had been raining.)

It was after 9 in the morning, and we really hadn't expected to see anything in the way of wildlife. Apparently this herd of javelinas had been staying in until the rain ended.

User tip for the Hike n Bike: at some parts there is levee above the level of the path, and sometimes the dirt surface of the levee is bare of plants. If it rains, the mud runs down onto the asphalt path and makes it slick. A word to the wise and all that!

This was growing along the Hike n Bike trail. I'm pretty sure it's a clover of some kind.