Tuesday, April 11, 2017

An elephant quilt block

Hello, everyone.

Someone who really likes elephants inspired me to do this design for a pieced elephant block.

As usual, it required both typing in Word (to work out order of sewing) and tallying in Excel (to count up all the needed pieces) to get my mind wrapped around it! The inspiration was, in part, to make a "school" themed elephant. To that end, the blanket will be in a licensed Texas Tech print. Colors: dark gray for most of him, lighter gray for his ear, red accents at the corners.

It hasn't been made yet, but I'm hoping it will come out okay. Probably going to frame the block in black to get a 12 inch block instead of the 10 inches the initial sketch worked out to be. 12 inches is more usable with 4 inch or six inch blocks around it.