Saturday, March 11, 2017

First pack duffel completed

Hello, everyone.

The first of the three pack duffels is complete.

Behold it in the stowed format:

7 3/4 ounces/221 gm!

The fabrics, except for the white ripstop shown above, have been posted before: red nylon oxford cloth for the main cylinder and gray nylon oxford cloth for the ends. The strap was created from the red oxford cloth. The zips match pretty well in color: a two slider red for the main zip and a flip-slider gray for the end pocket. The thread is all-polyester, not cotton blend.

The white bias here is serving more as interfacing for the zipper opening than as seam finish. Although it helps a little with that, too. There is bias on the zips for interfacing and on the end seams for neatness, and because it never hurts to have an extra row of stitches. There is also bias on the seams of the pocket bag.

(Yes, that little loose bit was straightened out. Having the interfacing flap all over would just be tacky.)