Sunday, March 26, 2017

Art in Pamplona

Hello, everyone.

From 2014, La Pieta.

This three-dimensional painting/sculpture is at the Museo de Navarra, in Pamplona. It is well worth your time to visit. Among the many exhibited items are many works of devotional art that have been collected from outlying parish churches. Having walked through many tiny villages, I don't know whether the works were conserved because of existing building issues (roof, etc.) or because the parishes were consolidated and couldn't maintain as many chapels as they now had, or some other reason.

One of the beauties of going at walking-speed is the opportunity to see the many different ways that a given theme has been treated by various artists. There are loads of, for example, Pieta depictions in Spain. Most look to me like they are medieval in period. It's not the same portrayal as the Renaissance sculpure by Michelangelo, by a long shot--but each portrayal of the theme has something to share with us.