Sunday, February 5, 2017

This n That

Hello, everyone.

We are somewhat behind in our training at this point. The weather was soupy and foggy and misty on Friday, too, so we didn't get out then either.

On the plus side, I'm using up fabric stash a little bit faster right now.

This is another apron. Aprons use up fabric faster than fidget mats--but there is still one of those in progress too. (I'm in the midst of hand stitching the back of the binding down and then it will be done.) This apron is using up some metallic-printed fabric, the eggs and chicks print, and also a big chunk of polka-dotted light green. The next green polka-dotted apron, about half done now, will use a green and yellow and purple violas on white print for the pocket and waist tie.

After that, it might be time to make a quilt that has been requested by DD2. Elephants? Grays, blacks, reds? We'll see.

DH has been working on a project of his own: peanut stick bird feeders. It started when he measured the ones at Bentsen State Park last week.

The feeder was empty and we took the opportunity to see how big it is and how it's hung from the holder. That is one fat eye-bolt.

We do, as it happens, have some pieces of wood around that would do nicely for this project. If it comes out, there will be updates!