Friday, February 10, 2017

Stash Busting Again

Hello, everyone.

One of the nice things about having a stash of supplies on hand is that one can explore possibilities.

But first, another apron is done. It didn't use up any sparkly stuff this time, but it did use up a couple of decent-sized pieces that were begging for a purpose.

Another spring-themed apron
 And, after discussing the possible fates of backpacks in checked baggage, the thought of making a travel cover for our packs came up. Something light weight, not a heavy canvas duffel bag! And as we talked, the idea of how to store it during the trip came up, too.  A test of the project concept was necessary. Not only was it needed to see if the idea would even work, it was a great way to use up some shiny stash fabric, and to try out the idea.

The ultimate plan is to make the bag out of something light weight and sturdy, like possibly nylon oxford cloth. The pocket, which would see less strenuous conditions, could be a lighter weight fabric, something smooth. Ripstop? Poly shirting? Straps could be either created from bag fabric or made from a strip of webbing. Self-fabric strap would be a lot easier to shove into the little pocket for storage, and a lot more comfortable to rest one's head if it came to that.

View of self-storage pocket, not storing at the moment.
Pack is inside the bag.

The bag stored in its pocket. Note that
since this is a standard skirt zipper,
the pocket can't be closed. A zipper with
a reversible slide is envisioned for this spot.
 The stash zippers are not the kind that are envisioned for this project, so I couldn't close the storage pocket all the way. DH has been muttering about using the stored bag as a attraction to the idea was based on easy, simple storage while walking. (There is a small box full of dress and skirt zippers in the studio. This pattern test used 3 of them.)

The bag, empty, from the top. Possible end strap for
bag check tags in view.
 That strap across the end looks like a conveyor belt snag waiting to happen.

The pack, loaded with a standard sized pillow in the top
and a crocheted afghan in the sleeping bag compartment,
perched on top of a 19" box

The loaded pack inside the mock-up bag.The two zippers that
pretend to be one double-slided zipper on top are visible.
There appear to be some refinements needed. The bag is too long for the pack and a wee bit too tall as well.