Friday, February 24, 2017

Pack duffel progress report

Hello, everyone.

All the materials for the pack duffels have arrived! It's so exciting. And as soon as the project I'm doing now finishes, in a day or so, the duffel making will begin.

The fabric for the shell: main (red) and contrast (gray)
 Our duffels will be made from nylon Oxford cloth. It's not as lightweight as ripstop, but it is expected to go through airport conveyor systems, after all. Stated weight is about 4 ounces per yard. There will be about a yard of fabric in the duffel.
The top zippers: a good color match.
 These zippers open from the middle, not from the ends.
The zippers for the stow pocket. Almost a good match, but not supposed to be on display anyway.
The gray zippers have a reversible pull--that is, it can be pulled from either side. That will allow us to close the stow pocket after we stuff the bag into it.

The pocket bag will be made from a chunk of ripstop fabric that was already on hand.