Monday, January 16, 2017

Training report: Day 1!

Hello, everyone.

Our local weather has settled into what we call "Chamber of Commerce Weather"--highs near 80F and lows near 60F, breezes coming mostly from the Gulf of Mexico, and sunshine. It's the kind of weather that the snowbirds come down for.

And we did our first official training walk this morning. Mission Hike and Bike, partial, about 4 miles. The birds and bunnies were extremely skittish and camera shy. Might have had something to do with not being the first ones out--the bike riders had already been through, and more came while we walked, and the high school Cross Country boys, well two of them, were running too. We saw cardinals (no good shot) and kiskadees (only shot is blurry) and a roadrunner.

Even with cropping the photo, he's still hard to see. And he took off walking right after the shutter clicked.