Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reorganizing, and lessons of stash

Hello, everyone.

As mentioned a post or two back, there is reorganizing going on in the sewing studio. AKA "Mom's craft room."

Moving 6 foot tall cabinets and bookshelves always, unfortunately, means emptying them out and refilling them later. Hopefully in better order!

Well. The fabric stash filled a large blue plastic footlocker style tub, plus other containers as well. The furniture was moved, the floor was thoroughly vacuumed, and then the furniture was put into its new places. It was time to put the fabric away.

And I discovered just how much metallic and glitter-finish quilting fabric had snuck into the house. The stuff is pretty, but I think the shiny stuff tarnishes, so I don't like to actually use it for anything that I fondly hope will be kept for years. Like a baby quilt.

The pile of shiny quilting fabric that had been hiding in the stash

Faced with this mountain of pretty, shiny fabric, I have decided to make some accessories for the sewing room.

First, from a Pinterest post, a pincushion that will keep me from putting the pins in a heap in front of the machine while sewing. As you can see, it's working!

From the front.
 I used one of those huge tapestry needles to thread the ribbon through the base of the tiny bag that became a pincushion. (This is quilting muslin, so I used 2 layers of the fabric, and stuffed it with loose fiberfill.)
From the side, showing the attachment mechanism.
I enclosed a piece of grosgrain ribbon in the closing seam, folded into a loop, and then threaded the ribbon through it and tied. This way it can be removed.

Also, if I want to put the cover on without removing the pincushion, I can slide it around under the harp of the machine, and it will be out of the way.