Friday, January 13, 2017

Progress on the Fidget Mat

Hello, everyone.

This post is two things at once: Shiny Stash-Busting III and  progress report on the new Fidget Mat.

There was a good-sized rectangle of lime-green glittery quilting cotton, and half of it was just the right size for a new Alzheimers Fidget Mat. I used some all-cotton batting and a piece of mock-linen pale green cotton for the rest of the sandwich.

The zipper that was on hand was installed into a seam between two pieces of blue star-studded fabric. (The zipper was the same color, it inspired me.)

Pressing the zipper block sides (before trimming and pressing ends.) Yes, it is a new ironing board cover. The old one had acquired a stain somehow.

The zipper block is applied to the background. Also, before sewing on the zipper block, a small red heart was appliqued onto the background, to be a peek-a-boo element. The padded bird is in process of being added.

Most of the elements have been added now. The bird has acquired a beak and a ribbon tail. The stripe on the left is a linen fabric that has tiny pleats at the edges of the stripes. I put the pleats facing up. The stripe on the right is a hanger strap--box sewn at the ends and at a midpoint. Still not in this picture, a round element with ribbon tails and looped through the hanger strap a 1-decade rosary.

It was only after taking the picture that I realized how much the zipper block looks like an eye!

The quilting is done.