Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Green soup

Hello, everyone.

When the cold weather hit, it was soup weather for sure.

There has been a lot of arugula and mustard around this season, and inspiration struck.

In my treasured Brother Victor soup cookbook

It's not mustard, it's spinach, but it's a start
 I had intended to make the radish-greens soup in the book, but it called for potatoes and I had none in the house. Thus the idea to try using arugula in a spinach soup recipe.
Arugula cleaned and cut up

Frozen turkey broth, thawing in water

An onion and some garlic chops in olive oil

All of the above together
 The original recipe involved mixing Parmesan cheese and egg together and using that to thicken the soup. I liked the poached egg in garlic soup so much that I tried doing it in the green soup.
Finished result, version 1
The poached egg was good. The soup, however, lacked a little something in version 1, even after adding more salt. Fortunately, there was quite a bit of the green soup left over. The next time, I cut up a smoked sausage link (the heat and eat kind sold by HEB Grocery) and added the bite-sized pieces to the green soup. This came out a lot better than the first version, even though there was no egg in it now. The smokey taste of the sausage really filled in what had been lacking in the first try of the soup.

Benefits for me: it's low carb. And we all need to eat more green stuff. Even DH liked it in the sausage-added version. (Edited to add a page break.)