Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Just for pretty: a crop of a photo from Pilgrimage 2014

Hello, everyone.

The big project at the Olde Homestead is still in progress. The weather is still holding...knock on wood as they say. In lieu of a new project of some kind, here is a "blast from the past" photo for today.

This is a crop of a photo of one of the church ceilings in Salamanca. The 2014 Pilgrimage photos are a rotating wallpaper on my computer these days, and the computer zooms in on some of them. There are interesting things, that I didn't really notice at the time, that appear.  This photo, zoomed in, wasn't just "hey, look at the cool medallions on the arch overhead." It was, "hey, that is a really neat picture. Maybe I should make a zoomed in copy to possibly use as an embroidery pattern."

Here it is:

Isn't that central Coronation of the Blessed Virgin neat?  Maybe when the current cross stitch project gets finished...note that I make no time forecast!...this could become an embroidered picture.