Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Progress on the Fidget Quilt

Hello, everyone.

I have completed my first Fidget Quilt.  It was completed with items and fabrics from stash: some red corduroy, quilting fabrics, fuzzy knit binding, a bit of mesh web and a shaped cut of yellow duck, plus some Pure and Natural thin cotton batting for a little bit of body.

Echo quilting inside the flame

The underside of the flame

Layout of flame, zipper, and on the left a tassel and embroidery bits, with candidates for top and bottom edges. Only the cows and sunflowers print was used as the top then was the correct size.

The pool of bits n bobs. Used: the shell, the flame, yellow-bound zipper, flame, and some odd bits.
The zipper got a bead pull--this needed some special treatment, just because the person who gets the quilt will probably pull the zipper pull a lot. I used double stranded Fireline to attach a red bead and a black stone cross, with a small seed bead as the bottom stop for the set. Then I used more doubled
Fireline to go through all of it again. A loop of fabric was added near the top and a jingle bell tied on to it, also. The odd bits of things--an antiqued brass disc, a tiny dove, a beach shell--were securely sewn down. The zip was attached around the edge of the binding with a blind-hem stitch.

 The little barn on the bottom edge got outline quilted.

After all the quilting was done and the dangly bits added, a brown bias binding was added to all four edges.

Ready for delivery.