Sunday, October 9, 2016

Block Play: new prototypes

Hello, everyone.

With a new baby quilt in need of creation, new block designs are being tried out.

I looked at boot blocks on Pinterest, but they lacked something IMHO. One thing they tended to lack was a square shape. (I'm just not thrilled with the 5" wide by 6" tall kind of blocks. I'm also not thrilled with the various 5" square blocks...even though that at least allows the designer to have a symmetrical design around an actual center.) This boot block is, as usual, mocked up in glittery fabrics that are on my "sure to tarnish" pile. The half-square triangle boot heel is a little steep but it gets the idea across. It won't be quite as steeply sloped when it's in a matrix of other squares and the bottom 1/4" has been covered by the seam, of course. Likewise for the curve at the top of the boot's shaft--it won't be so "triangle-y" when the seam is chopping off the top 1/4" of the block.

The spiral on the bottom looks much better from a distance than it does in the hand--the light blue puppies print contrasts better at a distance.