Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Block play: boats and boots

Hello, everyone.

Yesterday there was a lot of block play in different colors.

A single-masted boat.
 After assembly, I decided there is not enough contrast between the hull and the sky and the water.

Double-masted boat. 4" block, unless I add more around the sides.
 Tried again, using a less-busy "sky" fabric and a darker "wood" hull. Aggie Maroon for the sails, too!
The current boot block collection: 6" blocks.
The oldest boot block is on top. The colors are OK but there are a lot of seams that aren't really needed.
The next one is on the right: one less seam. Jury is still out whether the peafowl feathers are too busy a background. (They certainly didn't look right for the boot itself!)
Most recent is on the bottom. Aggie Maroon boot, mottled warm-gray background, and the blue blender for the heel. I think the less-busy background works better.
Might try a rearrangement of the seams one more time with the next one: there is availability for a half-square triangle to be the vamp and toe of the boot, instead of the stacking diagonal seams. The diagonals are somewhat tricky to line up and it's taking too much time.