Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trying something completely new: a fidget blanket

Hello, everyone.

Back at the computer again, and looking forward to getting some cool weather soon. We hope! It was 91F when we stepped out the door to walk a little this evening.

There have been, among the other sewing and quilting pins, a number of Pinterest items on my feed about Alzheimers fidget quilts. Or blankets. Or mats. Also called dementia fidget quilts.  It seemed like a good thing to figure out for gifts.

The pictures here are in-progress photos. (It's not done yet.)

Dangles and doo-dads to put onto the top side when it's assembled.
 I found a zipper to put on the top, and some dangly bits, and an old yellow shape that now has an orange mesh loop at the base to fiddle with. Also made a little tassel out of leftover fuzzy white binding.

The top side is getting another strip along the upper edge. 
I found some red corduroy to use as the back side, and a smaller piece that was full of embroidery stitch testing. I'm planning to add the white tassel to the piece of embroidered corduroy. The zip and the yellow shape will go on the brown piece, and the dangly bits will be scattered here-n-there.