Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy computer news, and itchy feet (from Camino fever)

Hello, everyone.

As y'all can see, the computer seems to be fixed. It has a new monitor, a new HDMI cable (didn't have that at all before) and a new graphic video card.

It isn't that easy to find a new card that will work with a 6 year old computer.

But it's possible.

And on the other topic of the title, we didn't go on pilgrimage this year at all, and with the heat lately we haven't even been walking around the area. (Today it reached 102F...slightly north of 38C for my metric zone readers.)

Our feet are itching.

Sahagun? but it was siesta time.

The south side bus station in Madrid--both times we walked from our sleeping place
to the station for the 0615 or so express bus to the airport.

Some of the road walking after Lisbon.

This was a nature walking area...I kind of think they'll be adding trees sometime in the future.

More Portuguese road walking.
And even though the scariest roads didn't get into the camera, I think y'all can see why the color for the blouse was called "Don't Run Me Over" Pink.

God willing, we will go on pilgrimage again next year. We're thinking about the Camino Norte. Or possibly a further exploration of the Camino Frances that we did in 2014.