Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Progress on the hot-pink blouse

Hello, everyone.

Today a small progress report on the poly microfiber blouse:

 The collar pieces are being assembled.

Bodice, with one of the chest pockets showing. (Stash ribbon for pocket trim) The pale strip going down the front edge is the organza sewn into the button area for a bit of stability.

This poly fabric being stiffer than the light cottons in earlier versions, the sleeves were positively wings when it was tried on. There are now pleats on the outside to control the fullness a little.

The fabric is not excessively hard to work with--it ravels a little, and the tightly woven microfiber often makes that popping sound when the needle goes through. I'm using hand basting to control slippage, just because the peached outside surface will get "stuck" after it slips out of place and be difficult to herd back into line.

One thing about this color of fabric: oncoming traffic will certainly have no trouble seeing me!