Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pink blouse progress

Hello, everyone

Today there is a small update on the "Don't-Run-Me-Over Pink" blouse.

Progress to-date
The pocket in this photo, the lower pocket that is, had snap closures. I wanted to try putting a zip closure there instead, and turned to the Stash of Zippers.

They have their own drawer in the little plastic cabinet!
Sadly, no hot pink invisible zips are there. After crawling the internet and deciding not to order one--really, it would have been the only thing I needed and would cost a small fraction of the shipping costs--I conferred with DH and he suggested seeing if there is a zip that goes with the pocket stripes.

As happens, while there is no invisible zip in Ecru, there is one in Natural which is only a tad lighter than the pocket trims.

So, in addition to installing snap closures down the front and hemming the bottom, I will try adding a zip on the pocket opening.