Thursday, August 11, 2016

Needle laces

Hello, everyone.

Today is just a little note about a new blog--and a new needlework technique. New to me, that is!

I followed the link on the sidebar to the Italian Needlework blog and trailed around in there for a bit, discovering Puncetto. This is a firm, needle-made lace of northern Italy, up in the Alps. (I looked on a map, sadly it is not close to the walking path of the Via Francigena!)

And in the process of reading posts on Puncetto on her blog, found a like to another: sewn lace. This lady is writing in Czech and she has a lovely instruction post on doing Puncetto.  I have added her blog to the list on the sidebar, if anyone is interested. Chrome will translate it reasonably well. (Enough to get the idea.)