Friday, August 12, 2016

Even in the Canicula (Dog Days), there is still Nature to look at

Hello, everyone.

As y'all have likely noticed, there has not been a lot of nature walking and outdoor photography lately. Something about lows around 82 (27 to 28 C) and highs around 103 (39 to 40 C) just discourages me from going out into the wilderness. Or the local parks!

This evening DH went outside and came dashing back in to tell me there was something special outside. The tree ducks were visiting.

zoomed-in shot of some of the tree ducks in the back field

more tree ducks in the field
These are the whistling tree ducks that are native to this area. Sometimes there will be a small group perched on the roof-peak of our house. (Haven't ever had a camera when they were there.) There are actually two varieties of whistling tree ducks, one black-bellied and the other not. They nest in palm trees locally, and hang out in drainage canals, golf course water hazards, and occasional park ponds. Their cry isn't a quack, nor is it that low-voiced squawking sound that mallards and domestic ducks make when it's dinner time. They whistle, or they squeak, and they do it while they fly overhead.

This visitation came around sunset, when the temperature had declined to around 100. (38 C) They will stay for a little while, maybe eat some bugs or fallen sorghum seed, and then they will take to their wings and go to their roosting place for the night.