Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another stash project finished

Hello, everyone.

The striped top is done. And I may end up tossing the pattern tracing altogether.

 Except for needing to lower the front of the neck by quite a bit, and take in a couple tiny tucks at the neck, the front wasn't too bad.
The back, however, was just way, way too big. I ended up taking it in a lot, except at the bottom where the rear hits. And if the top were shorter, the rear wouldn't enter into it, so to speak. Or if the top were traced a lot smaller to start with, a peplum could be put on at the back.

Which kind of takes the thing out of casual top and into fussy top. Maybe it's just that the linen is a fabric with too much "body" for the design. I think I'll look at the magazine and see if they had in mind something lighter and clingier, and if that doesn't clarify it, I'll just toss the tracing and write that one off as too much bother to do again.