Saturday, July 30, 2016

New projects

Hello, everyone.

As y'all know, the shower-stuff bags are done. (Well in advance of any concrete plans to use them!)

Cruising through the closet, and the boxes, of stash revealed a very pretty dove-gray cotton batiste. It is, of course, a little thin to use by itself in a garment. It has been underlined on the crucial pieces with white batiste, not quite so thin, but compatible,

The gray cotton will make up into a gathered skirt with a yoke, a shorter version of the skirt in the September, 2006, issue of Burda.
There was also a piece of striped linen, with little flanges on each of the stripes. That is going to become a top. (I considered making a top from the gray as well, but there isn't enough fabric to do that. Some other item will have to consume the rest of the gray fabric.) The top is from the July, 2015 issue of Burda. It needed some adjustment, as the neck was way too high in front and there was a lot of baggy at the neck all around. I'm hoping that it works out with the changes--they work on the pattern tracing fabric but in actual use there may be unforeseen issues. There may need to be a closure added at one shoulder if the neck is too small after the changes.

And that's what's on the sewing table just now.