Monday, July 4, 2016


Hello, everyone.

Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers. I am not of a mind to run out to stores today, as it's a day to be grateful in my opinion.

On another subject,  I was "strolling" through photos and noticed that cloud pictures aren't something that has come up around here. I've always been partial to a nifty looking cloud. Sometimes, I've even had a camera on hand to record the once-off shape and shade of the cloud that caught my attention.

Seen about 4:30 PM in south Texas (spring? summer? I forget)

Onrushing hailstorm in April of 2012

From a Mississippi ferry near Alton, Illinois

Looking back toward Pamplona in late May, 2014.
 These clouds proceeded to drop rain and ice bits on us a little while later.

On Ocala National Forest, Florida, in 2015. The tickiest place I have ever been.
With pretty poufs of clouds overhead.