Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A new bead stringing design

Hello, everyone.

I was inspired by a photo of a diamond necklace in the paper the other day. The shapes and colors were graceful and balanced and I wanted to try and make something like it.

an homage to Chanel, in glass
The original, metal settings and gems, looked like it would be stiff and not drape. This version, owing to the difference in media, will drape very nicely. (Size 11 Japanese seed beads and Magatamas, strung on 6 lb. crystal Fireline. Photographed on the reverse side of my Kindle.) I'm thinking that as the chain for a pendant it would be lovely...maybe I'll use up those filigree-leaf pendants inherited from MIL a few years back...

And it's going to be over 100F every afternoon this week. (38C for my metric zone readers.)