Sunday, July 24, 2016

A little tote sack (updated for typo)

Hello, everyone.

While we were walking on our two pilgrimages, we often encountered showers that were, well, a new experience. Or, in the case of gang showers, a long-forgotten experience!

The problem of how to keep the new, fresh clothes dry while bathing, therefore, popped up a lot. Some of the showers had lovely dressing areas inside the (one-person) shower cubicle, and sometimes even a bench to set things on. Others had one or more closet-hooks to hang things from. Occasionally there just wasn't much at all.

DH suggested that we might try using a shower bag to carry things in...something that is a bit splash-resistant, and has enough space to hold the clean underwear, the clean tee shirt, and maybe clean shorts. Plus, of course, the camper's towel!

Being well provided with stash, and looking for ways to use it, a new little project got started after the Pink Explosion quilt was finished.

among the various spec fabrics, there was a yard of taslan.
with DWR for moisture resistance!

The marking pen, and the first candidate for a drawstring.
I used French seams on the sides and double-stitched the bottom. Added some poly mesh stay tape where the openings would be in the casing. Inserted the pink cording, with the help of safety pins.
the bag assembled and candidate drawstring inserted

The first try, drawn up to test.

 The pink drawstrings were shunt shiny, but not slippery at all. They didn't just hang up a little in the casing. They locked the bag closed. Visions of trying to access a towel and dry panties inside the bag crossed my mind--nope, this wouldn't do at all.

I pulled the pink drawstrings out and started cruising through the various bits of stuff on hand. As the pink stuff had been the best cording candidate on hand, I decided to try a ribbon next, (After all, the small versions of this bag, used to hold rosaries, used satin ribbons and worked fine.)

With satin ribbon in the casing

hanging up.
While the ribbon is still a wee bit stubborn, it's not impossible to open the bag. It will do.