Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Burda dress pattern

Hello, everyone.

As part of the continuing campaign to use up stash, I devoted a chunk of fabric to making a dress from the Burda pattern magazine. (It used to be World of Fashion but I don't know what its current name is.)

There were two versions in the magazine, a short one with pockets and short sleeves and an upright (not to say Mao) collar, and a longer one with inseam pockets and long sleeves and a plain neckline.

I mixed and matched a little while tracing my current size.

From the September, 2014 issue, pattern 101
(I dug out the magazine to caption the photo and learn that its current name is Burda Style.)

I styled it with a belt and a necklace that was on hand, the beaded one with the charcoal Cross of St. James and little pink accents. It works. I used the skirt length of the longer version and the sleeves of the shorter one, used the collar, and used the front pockets as well. Skipped putting a hook and eye onto the front neck opening...hate to be choked in my clothes.

Now getting ready to quilt up the Pink Explosion quilt and doing prep work to start another one: in blues this time, with a boyish theme. Boats, rockets, airplanes, something like that.