Friday, June 24, 2016

Trying new things: beads

Hello, everyone.

Recently, between Pinterest and general looking around at the internet, I discovered Freeform Peyote weaving. This is a form of peyote weaving that doesn't involve patterns and doesn't involve charts and (theoretically) is spontaneous.

I don't know how spontaneous other people are, but I read some discussions and instructions online before starting. I paid attention to the suggestions on style, for starting out with, and looked at pictures.

Then I pulled out one of the several bags of mixed seed beads in the collection of supplies on hand, rounded up some little bags of various odd beads in compatible colors, and started. The main colors chosen, from a bag that looked like a textured brown mixture, were brown, yellow, and blue. As y'all can see in the pictures, I didn't go too crazy starting out. (It's a lot of work to frog peyote weaving--that means to take it apart down to the beads.)

Bracelet from front (catch not added yet)

Bracelet from back
Years of Bosses' Bead Bags from Fire Mountain Gems came together in this bracelet. (I always sort them out, feeling like it's Christmas, and often the seed beads in the mix go into a little mixed-up baggie all their own.) Accent beads: dyed freshwater cultured pearls, yellow cylinder-shaped glass clear beads, an aqua glass cube, a brown glass round (I think Indian) and a pale-yellow oval that might be glass or might be agate or might be some other pale-yellow thing with pretty mottling.

Not sure if it's done yet, or if it really, really needs fringe beads, or fringes, or ruffles, or just some more stitching to make it more of a cuff and less of a strand. But it is going to be set aside for a few days, as there is a dress cut out and ready to put together.