Friday, April 15, 2016

Working on quilt squares

Hello, everyone.

Recently I began working on pieced squares for a baby quilt: whales. Pink, gray, the usual baby kinds of colors. Well, my usual kinds of baby colors tend toward brights, as studying the color relationships helps the baby develop his vision and intelligence. IMHO.

Color chunk assortments were already posted a week or so back.

This was exploration of blocks.

Adapted from a block in the *501 Quilt Blocks* book
 The Betterh Homes and Gardens book 501 Quilt Blocks has a whale block. (Also several ships, an anchor, and many other blocks.) The first time I tried to make it, the business with the tail just didn't work out for me. Something about the little dip between the tail flukes was not going to go together no matter what. So I eliminated the little dip. This made the whale a lot easier to put together. I also consolidated pieces where possible.
Sketched after cruising many pins on Pinterest
Hearts just seemed like a baby-welcoming pattern. This heart, however, didn't make the cut. I saved the block for future reference. (And used up some metallic prints that weren't going to go into anything anyway. Metallics tend to tarnish over time.)

The "theme-y" pieced blocks that are being used are four whales and a tugboat.
A cheerful yellow eye for the whale

Does anyone remember the cartoon, and book, about Little Toot the Tugboat?